AukSunLMS Rupee-a-Day School


Children from Pre-School to Grade-12 study here online.

Study as many courses as you like. See samples

Earn Certificate-of-Completion. Earn e-points to unlock awesome learning games! 

Study from the comfort of your home. All you need is a laptop and internet. We will email you, your login-ID and password.

Science, Computers, English or Maths. The more one learns; the more one develops an urge to learn.
There are lessons, assignments and project work. We will support you in each step.

Click any grade and any subject to start learning

Head Office

Science Computer Eng Maths Lifelong Learning All Courses
PreSchool PreSchool-Science PreSchool-Computer PreSchool-Eng PreSchool-Maths PreSchool-Lifelong Learning PreSchool Courses
Grade-1 Grade-1-Science Grade-1-Computer Grade-1-Eng Grade-1-Maths Grade-1-Lifelong Learning Grade-1 Courses
Grade-2 Grade-2-Science Grade-2-Computer Grade-2-Eng Grade-2-Maths Grade-2-Lifelong Learning Grade-2 Courses
Grade-3 Grade-3-Science Grade-3-Computer Grade-3-Eng Grade-3-Maths Grade-3-Lifelong Learning Grade-3 Courses
Grade-4 Grade-4-Science Grade-4-Computer Grade-4-Eng Grade-4-Maths Grade-4-Lifelong Learning Grade-4 Courses
Grade-5 Grade-5-Science Grade-5-Computer Grade-5-Eng Grade-5-Maths Grade-5-Lifelong Learning Grade-5 Courses
Grade-6 Grade-6-Science Grade-6-Computer Grade-6-Eng Grade-6-Maths Grade-6-Lifelong Learning Grade-6 Courses
Grade-7 Grade-7-Science Grade-7-Computer Grade-7-Eng Grade-7-Maths Grade-7-Lifelong Learning Grade-7 Courses
Grade-8 Grade-8-Science Grade-8-Computer Grade-8-Eng Grade-8-Maths Grade-8-Lifelong Learning Grade-8 Courses
Grade-9 Grade-9-Science Grade-9-Computer Grade-9-Eng Grade-9-Maths Grade-9-Lifelong Learning Grade-9 Courses
Grade-10 Grade-10-Science Grade-10-Computer Grade-10-Eng Grade-10-Maths Grade-10-Lifelong Learning Grade-10 Courses
Grade-11 Grade-11-Science Grade-11-Computer Grade-11-Eng Grade-11-Maths Grade-11-Lifelong Learning Grade-11 Courses
Grade-12 Grade-12-Science Grade-12-Computer Grade-12-Eng Grade-12-Maths Grade-12-Lifelong Learning Grade-12 Courses

FAQ – Common questions before enrolling

Is your school really for a rupee a day?

Yes, you pay PKR300 and use a class for one whole year, all subjects included. That means less than a rupee a day.

How long does it take to set up my account?

Forget about waiting lists, Rupee-a-day school accounts are automatically created in minutes.

For how long is the fee valid?

Rupee-a-day school fee is valid for one year from the day you enroll in any grade! (Pre-school to Gr12) Thereafter it expires and you can enroll again for the next year if you like. You can signup whenever you want and use it for one year! Most students enroll with us year-after-year, till they complete all the grades.

Why do you provide education for such a low fee?

Rupee-a-day school fee is purposely kept so low so education becomes affordable for anyone. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to benefit from education. Regardless of who you are, where you are and what your budget is, we believe you should be able to have access to online education.

Can I pay the fees for others?

You can send your donations to our bank account. We will use it to fund our mission to educate deserving children and families.

Can I upload my own courses?

Yes, you can if you’re an online teacher. Please click ‘Become a teacher’ for details on how you may join us.

Is there a demo, trial or sample for lessons on Rupee-a-day school?

Absolutely. The Rupee-a-day school offers a host of demo lessons on almost every grade and subject.