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Project: Setup One-Rupee-a-day e-School for Pakistani Children 

Project brief

AukSun Consultants Ltd. is incorporated in Canada and UK by Overseas Pakistanis. AukSun has created their Rupee-a-day School for children of all ages. Considering Govt. of Pakistan’s educational initiatives, we wish to serve Pakistan by educating the deserving children through our school.


We are seeking collaboration from the Government of Pakistan to fund our project so we may operate the Rupee-a-Day school in Pakistan and provide education to over 2.5 crore deserving children on a daily basis, year after year. Considering our volume-based project, our school-fee *(Re.1/day) is highly affordable for any Pakistani family. We will earn through subscribing students and the income will be re-invested in Pakistan’s environment-friendly projects.


Students will learn at their own pace, from homes on their computers or smartphones. A working model is ready, comprising; website, sample lessons,  online courses, teachers, play-area, email follow-ups, learners, phone-app, advertisements, CRM-templates etc. The estimated time to go countrywide is 18 to 24 months.


Rupee-a-day School emphasizes affordable online education and state of the art learning for all ages. Our philosophy is to spread education – affordably in a fast-paced environment. Our school’s goal for the next year is to pursue an aggressive marketing campaign and penetrate at least 35% of the deserving student population. Advertised appropriately, Rupee-a-day School could gain positive public opinion as an innovative, forward-thinking initiative by the government.


The school will offer jobs and online teaching opportunities to experienced teachers in Pakistan. We will train and equip our e-teachers with modern world-class teaching methodologies like blended learning. Our school’s long-term goal is to be the top-rated online learning portal in Pakistan.


Once established, our e-School will collaborate with existing schools that can offer their computer-equipped labs to students.


E-School will operate a state-of-the-art Learning Resource Center (LRC). The center will provide the highest quality course making facility. It will also house a model 500-personal computer-school for walk-in learners. We have authorization from Harvard and MIT for their computer programming course for children that will be installed in the LRC. We request permission for the use of the Frere Hall, or the Mohatta Palace in Karachi, or similar location in Pakistan for the e-School project.

The estimated funding we are seeking from the Government of Pakistan is PKR 2crores. A detailed execution plan can be provided for the Government’s consideration.

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